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aims to reduce drug use through experiential transformations
aims to reduce
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From the heart

Our mission is to empower anyone with the ability to experience a physical place in a digital space. We plan to achieve this through the power of democratised immersive media.

What we're
working on

Gamified therapy

Gamified Therapy

Improve the quality of life for children in hospital through our immersive VR therapy platform. We aim to reduce pain and anxiety through personalised interactive experiences.

Digital Interventions

Digital Interventions

Assist in preventative care through new age digital interventions. We enable seamless transitions between treatments, hospitals and procedures before the patient’s journey has even begun.

Training Simulations

Training Simulations

Provide world class training for doctors and clinicians at scale through interactive VR simulations that aim to improve empathy, accuracy and operational capabilities in the medical space.

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